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Local Autism Resources - Arizona State University Research Group - Greater Phoenix Chapter of Autism Society of America - Melmed Center Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center - Arizona Autism Coalition. National Autism Resources - Autism Research Institute. Adult Resources This listing should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation either by the Autism Society of Greater Phoenix or its Board of Directors. Please notify Katie Wride if any information needs to be updated. Arizona Specific Professionals Who Diagnose or Treat Continue reading "Adult Resources" Autistic Self.

“My organizational skills are not great. Information about autism comes from all directions at a furious pace. As an adult on the spectrum as well as a therapist, I joined the Arizona Autism Coalition because I can find everything I need and want to know in one place. I also have access to . An unprecedented number of families will soon watch their children with autism leave school and flood the adult disability system. These children, the first wave of the so-called "autism epidemic," will enter a disability system already under strain. The influx represents a "looming crisis of unprecedented magnitude," according to one paper.

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