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Columbian Red Tail Boa Boa c. imperator. We have flawless Columbian red tail boas for sale, both captive-bred hatchlings, medium, and large sizes (choose the size below). This species has wide color variations and can tame fairly easily in captivity, and is one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. The adult Colombian boa typically measures six to nine feet in length, although some have been known to reach 10 feet. Females are larger than males: Clay Davenport reptile breeders suggest that males don't usually grow to more than seven feet in length.

Oct 29,  · Rainbow Boa Lighting and Temperature. When it comes to Reptile Heating & Lighting for the Rainbow Boa, the ideal temperatures for rainbow boas are a night time low of mid to low 70’s Fahrenheit and a day time high in the low 80s F. High humidity is essential for Rainbow Boas. Daily misting should be used to maintain humidity between Looking for a boa constrictor for sale? Shop boa constrictors for sale at xyzReptiles for the best boa morphs and selection of boa species with Overnight Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee! Our baby boas are captive bred and are healthy, proven feeders raised under optimal conditions.

Sunglow Boa Constrictors for Sale in the United States. Scientific name: Boa constrictor We have thousands of exotic reptiles for sale from top breeders from around the world. Try browsing the Boa Constrictors Index if you're looking for something specific. For more information, check out How It Works. gallery photo posted by AdamBotond: Welcome to's Boa Constrictor Classifieds. This section is for posting wanted and for sale advertisements for all Boa Constrictor subspecies and morphs. If you are looking for, or want to post ads for Tree Boas, Rosy, Sand or Rubber Boas, or Rainbow &Other Boas or other reptiles and amphibians and supplies please review our classified index for.