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Golf carts are an exceptionally popular mode of transportation in many active adult communities around the country. Visit to read about the best active adult Author: Karl Schuster. One of the attractions for me at the Villages was the ability to do about everything in a golf cart. In my last visit to Myrtle Beach I noted more golf carts being used. Can someone give me the names of active, adult communities where residents can move freely ‘off-campus’ in their golf carts for restaurants,etc? by Ray — March 22,

The Best Golf Cart Communities In The US. To this day, the community still continues to set the standard for all adult communities across the country, as it continually refines it’s amenities and offerings to the needs and expectations of it's residents. Golf carts are so popular at On Top Of The World that they have dedicated miles. The use of golf carts within the walls of over communities is an amenity that is rarely mentioned in the brochures for these gated communities. However, they are a wonderful benefit to many people, even those who never play golf. Advantages of Owning a Golf Cart after RetirementAuthor: Deborah-Diane.

Dec 07,  · Most of the residential golf course communities are set up for locals to use their own golf carts to play golf and even to get around the community. Golf carts are popular for taking the kids to the beach – and many beaches have golf cart only parking spaces making life easy for golf cart owners. 2. Peachtree City, GAAuthor: Marc Raber. Golf carts making the rounds in some communities Although most of us are used to seeing golf carts traveling along paved pathways on golf courses, these carts and other neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are increasingly making the rounds on neighborhood streets in retirement areas and other self-contained communities.