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Understanding the Parenting Issues of Adults with Mental Retardation _____ _____ _____ 3 Do Mentally Retarded Parents Have More Children? The second issue that emerges when discussing the parent who is retarded is whether they have more children on the average than the norm. Midlife and Aging Parents of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Impacts of Lifelong Parenting. more complex for parents of children with IDD because launching often does not result in complete independence for the adult child and some parenting responsibilities continue. and the care of mentally handicapped adults Cited by:

Jun 03,  · Continued “We were shut out of the conversation,” says Mark. “And I think that was the first time we really started feeling hopeless. As long as we could feel we were in a conversation with Author: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Helping Aging Parents of Adult Children with Serious Mental Illness 1. The analysis technique used was repeated measures analysis of variance with the pre/post comparison being the within subjects variable and the treatment/control group comparison being the between subjects variable. Aging parents as caregivers of mentally ill adult Cited by:

Jan 20,  · Mentally Disabled Parents Lose Custody of 4-Year-Old Son and the national Association for Successful Parenting, is the discomfort felt Author: Beth Greenfield. Dec 16,  · 1. Praise good behaviors, ignore bad behaviors (if possible). Cause and effect is one of the earliest concepts a child learns. If he learns that you give attention (even if it is to reprimand or physically stop him) when he reacts inappropriately, he will continue the poor behavior seeking the negative Kate Connolly.

done) is that, regardless of opinion, parenting by the mentally retarded does affect the welfare of children; as do the policies and legislation that create programs addressing this issue. NRCFCPP Information Packet: Parents with Mental Retardation and their Children 3. PARENTS OF MENTALLY RETARDED PEOPLE quite realistic. Social withdrawal is a common consequence, as is the propensity for associating with other parents of handicapped children. Ambivalence Since a retarded child's relative lack of achievement and ten-dency toward irritating behavior are prone to increase parental.