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Feb 16,  · Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cell injections don’t cause a patient’s immune system to reject the cells. The adult stem cells were highly beneficial for the patient involved in . Feb 18,  · "We have documented the first successful adult neural stem cell transplantation to reverse the effects of Parkinson's disease and demonstrated the long term safety and therapeutic effects of this approach," says lead author Dr. Michel Levesque.

Aug 30,  · Injecting stem cells into the brain reverses Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys. Stem cells injected into the brain could reverse some symptoms of Parkinson's. njecting neurons created from stem cells into the brain may relieve Parkinson’s symptoms, according to Author: Kate Sheridan. Adult Stem Cells Reverse Parkinsons in Human Trials February 17, CoG for Life Note to our readers: I have personally spoken to Dr Levesque who conducted the research detailed below and while he is not against embryonic stem cell research over the years he has recognized the distinct advantage and value of adult stem cell research.

Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Stem cells reproduce at a rapid rate and have the potential to replace different cell types in the body. Adult stem cell therapy is a breakthrough procedure in regenerative medicine and is designed to aid in the restoration of dying tissues in the body. Sep 08,  · Adult stem cell for treatment for parkinsons decease. is treatment available at mayo clinic, or elsewhre. is this - Answered by a verified Doctor We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

Dec 01,  · Stem cell treatment for Parkinson’s disease is in its infancy. There are certain cancer drugs that can raise dopamine levels in Parkinson’s sufferers and may help ameliorate the symptoms until researchers can find more permanent ways of addressing the disease/5(18). Aug 16,  · First Clinical Trial of Stem Cell Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Seven patients will be followed for 2 years after being injected with stem cells, with the hopes of replacing the brain cells .