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Aug 22,  · Catch free, full episodes of Frisky Dingo at Relive the epic rivalry between the unquestionably effective Killface and corporate superhero Awesome X (secretly Xander Crews). Together, they begrudgingly navigate a world of underground rabbit death matches and presidential campaigns. You've got the launch code, so head over to and give it a spin. Frisky Dingo is an American adult animated cartoon series created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson for Adult series revolves around the conflict between a supervillain named Killface and a superhero named Awesome X, alias billionaire Xander Crews, and much of the show's humor focuses on parodying superhero and action-movie clichés. It debuted on October 16, , and its first season Original network: Adult Swim.

Frisky Dingo is an american sitcom about a billionare playboy named Xander Crews, but he often gets himself into trouble with his carelessness, and about a supervillan named Killface who's sole purpose is to rule the world. The show ran for two seasons with 25 episodes. [adult swim. Frisky Dingo is an American 15 minute animation science-fiction television series, which kicked off on October 15, , on Adult Swim and is broadcast every .

Site containing accurate episode lists and content ratings for each show to air on Adult Swim! Search this site. Welcome to the [adult swim] content rating archive! Action / Toonami. Adult Swim Action - Movies. Adult Swim Action - Pilots Frisky Dingo premiered October 15, at am/c. Nov 07,  · About ten years before reality broke, Adult Swim aired the very funny and completely absurd series Frisky Dingo. Created by Archer’s Adam .

Adam Reed or Matt Thompson may be able to answer this question quite a bit better than I, but Adult Swim, while retaining a very enthusiastic fan base, is ultimately representative of only a very small niche of television viewer; thus the life exp.