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Adults ESL students will love “Tuesday” by David Wiesner. In this wordless picture book, frogs take flight on lily pads every Tuesday at 8PM. Adult ESL students will enjoy the beautiful illustrations—the books won the Caldecott medal in —as well as the whimsical fantasy of the Amanda Ronan. Best ESL Textbooks for Teaching Children and Younger Students “ESL Activities and Mini-Books for Every Classroom” by Kama Einhorn. Available on Amazon. At a Glance: This textbook is jam-packed with activities and other fun resources that teachers can use to liven up their classrooms. Whether you’re working with students that just need to Author: Syondavis.

Sep 01,  · The Seven Best Simple Novels for EFL Students. Kieran Donaghy September 1, Share this For this reason it is essential that the books are interesting to students and at a level appropriate to their reading ability. Roald Dahl’s collection of short stories called Kiss Kiss is great for adult students. Some are quite dark though. Lists about: Immigrants from the Wide World, ESL/ EFL Books for Teachers, Books for New Reader Success, Best books for English Language Learners, Books f.

I have taught foreign languages and ESL for 20 years now and bought this book over a year ago for some fresh ideas. While at first I was a bit frustrated by the formatting/referencing (it just didn't seem as easy to find the activity I needed to teach the skill I wanted the students to learn/practice as other books I've used in the past), I eventually figured it out and have used this book as. May 23,  · Click on the tabs above for lists of novels arranged by Lexile measure number and appropriate for English as a Second Language students. Book List for Easy Printing Tags: english as a second language, esl, literature, novels, reading, young adult.

Novels for Intermediate Level ESL Students Author Title Pages Call Number Aldrich, Bess S. A Lantern in Her Hand p. PZ 7. A36A woman endures the difficulties of frontier life and raises her children to be ambitious. Almagor, Gila Under the Domim Tree p. PZ 7.A Un While these ESL Textbooks for Adults are all 4-skill books, the focus in all of them is primarily on speaking, with a nice variety of communicative activities perfect for beginners to advanced students. All of these ESL textbooks would work well with high school or university students and adult ESL learners.