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Welcome to LustyBooks: your FREE source for the hottest erotic novels on the web. LustyBooks features large collection of premium sex stories and vintage ebooks from a variety of authors. If you enjoy classic adult novels, then LustyBooks is perfect for you. This archive documents the books published under various company names and imprints from to As a group they are informally known as the vintage Greenleaf Classics books. An essential pleasure of vintage paperback collecting is that moment of discovery, looking at a .

Greenleaf Classics Books - Gallery of Imprints; Greenleaf Classics Books - Gallery of Imprints. Books in this Greenleaf Classics archive are grouped and organized by Imprint, to match how they were published. Browse down this list of imprints to learn more about them and see examples of books in each one. Adult Books ( to ): About this Item: Lancer Books, New York, New York USA, Mass Market Paperback. Condition: Very Good. This book is in Very Good condition. It has the usual signs of wear that one would expect to see in any paperback book that has been read.

Nov 28,  · Sleazy Reads: 25 Vintage Paperbacks of Ill Repute Before the internet, the people of Earth read things called books (basically stacks of bound paper with words on them – look it up on Wikipedia). And, men being men, a lot of these books were of the sleazy variety.