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The Relationship between Literacy Rate and GDP per Capita of All World Countries Above is a previous BBC study that shows there to be a positive correlation between intelligence and wealth. This graph shows a clear positive correlation between adult literacy and GDP per capita. Bangladesh - Literacy rate Bangladesh it has, according to UNESCO, an adult literacy rate of %. While the male literacy rate is %, for females is %. In contrast with other neighbouring states is number º in the ranking of literacy rate.

-Indicator of level of development for each country, constructed by United Nations, combining income, literacy, education, and life expectancy-a measure of quality of life using life expectancy, child survival, adult literacy, childhood education, gender equity and access to . There was a national commitment to science and technology Literacy was high. Adult Literacy Rate and Living Standard in Percentage of GNP Adult Literacy Rate Life Expectancy per Capita 15 years and over at Birth in years in US Dollars.

Gross national product (GNP) is the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year, plus income earned by its citizens abroad, minus income earned by foreigners from domestic production. The Factbook, following current practice, uses GDP rather than GNP to measure national production. However, the user must. National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) On the contrary, in the countries high at average age, unemployment rate and Gross National Product (GNP) the homicide rate is lower. According to the.

This is a list of countries by literacy rate. The figures represented are almost entirely collected by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) on behalf of UNESCO with estimates based on people aged 15 or over who can read and write. Where data is taken from a different source, notes are provided. GDP & adult literacy – a statistical enquiry A fully resourced exercise investigating the correlation between GDP and adult literacy using Spearman's rank. A worksheet and statistical template for the student and answers for the teacher are provided.