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husky insurance plan for adults - Connecticut Medicaid Plan for Low Income, Adults - HUSKY D

HUSKY Health offers coverage to eligible children, parents, relative caregivers, elders, individuals with disabilities, adults without dependent children, and pregnant women. In Connecticut, HUSKY Health encompasses Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. HUSKY D - a medicaid plan,is part of the Connecticut State's HUSKY Health coverage provides health coverage for eligible low-income adults without dependent children.. Learn more about CT's HUSKY D and find the right plan to reduce your out of pocket healthcare costs.

HUSKY Health’s Member Handbooks give you details on your medical benefits and information on all of your HUSKY benefits and services. The Quick Guides below give you a brief overview of all of your HUSKY benefits and services with where to call for more information. HUSKY Health members can find any type of provider they need whether a Primary Care Provider (PCP), specialist, behavioral health specialist or dentist. Scroll down for some helpful documents you can use when choosing a provider.

The Husky Health C plan is for adults over the age of Husky D – This level is Medicaid for the lowest-income residents of Connecticut. If you’ve been out of work for a while, have a minimum wage job or don’t have a steady source of income, the Husky D plan might be the best option. Husky Dental Insurance Plan: Features & Benefits. Jan 28,  · These rules and the plan set eligibility and co-payment requirements based on income, among other things. There are two issues to consider in designing coverage for adults through the HUSKY program. One is that the Department of Social Services ' contracts with the health plans that provide HUSKY B coverage do not cover adults. Consequently.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION. The HUSKY Program is the State of Connecticut’s public health coverage program for eligible children, parents, relative caregivers, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, adults without children, and pregnant women within the income guidelines. HUSKY B (level 2): health care coverage for children under 19th birthday. Children’s Health Insurance Program (non-Medicaid) Monthly premium of $30 for plan with one child; $50 for plan with more than one child; some co-payments. Eligible for HUSKY Plus services if the child’s medical needs qualify.