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Jan 21,  · There are a lot of myths around the internet about things that kill brain cells. Many popular substances like alcohol and marijuana as well as things like cell phone radiation are associated with killing brain cells. The problem is that when indiv. In some cases, video games can actually boost brain functioning and help the person playing the game relax after a stressful day. Watching TV – A lot of people tend to think that watching TV kills brain cells – this is one of the biggest myths of all. In some cases, watching TV can actually help your brain relax and unwind from a stressful bignightout.info: GLOOM.

1) Sniffing paint — Paint sniffing can potentially kill you — even on your first time. Stay away from this stuff and get help now if you are addicted. 2) Cocaine — Cocaine wipes out the brain cells in your brain’s pleasure center — brain cells that make you feel good and are triggered with positive emotion and pleasure. Want to not have fun? Are we killing our kids brain cells with all their time on iPads and computers? Lesli: The answer is that depends. It’s how you’re using that technology, not the technology itself that’s going to destroy their brain cells. It’s really about the content.

Jun 25,  · Watching three or more hours of television a day doubles an adult's chance of early death. killing your brain cells, it may be slowly killing you. to no longer than one to two hours each Author: Hoai-Tran Bui. This means that one day it may be possible to grow new cells to replace ones damaged by disease. Does that give you license to kill brain cells? No! Look, it’s true we all lose brain cells from time to time, but if you’re actively doing things that could be killing your brain cells off faster, maybe you should reconsider and make some changes.

Dec 04,  · Best Answer: TV doesn't kill your brain cells. The harmful tradition from Cathode Ray Tubes has long been worked out of TVs and the modern Plasma and LED TVs don't broadcast any harmful radiation. However, TV can still be a useless drain of time with silly pap, like tired old sitcoms, review of shows that Status: Open. Jul 24,  · Only if you do it very rough and it entails you banging your head on a solid surface repeatedly for a prolonged time. Sex is a biological need that the brain actually stimulates, brains like sex because it is rewarding and can lead to bonding with.