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Aug 08,  · Disease and other medical conditions may also lead to a dilated renal pelvis in adults. The ureters can become blocked by blood clots, kidney stones, or uric acid crystals, obstructing some or all of the urine draining from the kidneys. Diseases that . "Renal" = "Kidney". Same thing as long as both are used carefully. Renal derives from Latin, Kidney is probably derived from Old English. The renal pelvis is a part of the 'collecting system' that gathers urine inside the kidney and narrows down (sort of like a funnel) and eventually connects to the ureter, the narrow tube leading from the kidney to the bladder.

Start studying ADULT 1 - EXAM 2 - RENAL DISORDERS. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. An extrarenal pelvis is a renal pelvis that protrudes from the familiar, bean-shaped indentation in the middle of the kidney. "Bilateral" indicates that both pelvises in both kidneys exhibit this anatomical variation. The renal pelvis itself is an anatomical structure normally found inside the indentation of the kidney.

Partial ureterectomy is indicated in some carefully selected patients (eg, patients with a distal ureteral tumor, decreased renal function, or a solitary kidney). Laser fulguration for accurately staged and adequately visualized renal pelvic or low-grade ureteral tumors is sometimes possible. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Legha on prominent renal pelvis: Despite medical advance and known to most if not all, all modern medical care are still based on INDIRECT evidence resulting from continual collection & analysis of available experience so to apply currently available knowledge, skills, technology, drugs, commonsense, and tads of wisdom at reasonable time in reasonable.

Usually normal: In an adult ultrasound, and in the absence of other findings, a prominent renal pelvis is frequently seen as a normal anatomy variation of the kidney. If there are urologic symptoms as the reason behind getting the ultrasound however, follow up with a urologist should be made. Mar 11,  · I had to go to the hospital and get my report and scans on disc. They showed a disc disease in my spine, sludge in the gallbladder, and the enlarged renal pelvis. My dr said the results showed everything is "functional", and that was that. You need to pursue to get the answers you need to rest your mind. I know know what to keep an eye on anyway.