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Same-sex couples with children may begin to face obstacles with specifics in divorce, especially with those regarding child custody. The following provides a guideline on child custody in Pennsylvania, as well as what a same-sex spouse can do to acquire custody of his or her own children. Child Custody After a . Aug 23,  · There are many vexing legal questions that have arisen in the age of the new family. And certainly, whether and under what circumstances a lesbian co-parent—a woman who participates in the planned conception, birth, and/or rearing of her partner’s biological or adopted child—has parental rights is one such Joanna L. Grossman.

There, it is preferable for parents to reach an agreement on child custody. However, if the court must decide because the parents have a contentious relationship or both want full custody, a Pennsylvania court will consider the best interests of the child in a custody determination. Under Pennsylvania law, gay and lesbian couples may participate in a second parent adoption or a step-parent adoption if the same-sex couple is married. This allows the non-biological parent of the child to become a legal parent and establish rights which will be protected by bignightout.infoon: Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, , Pennsylvania.

Except as provided in 51 Pa.C.S. §  (relating to child custody proceedings during military deployment), this section shall apply to any custody order entered by a court of this Commonwealth or any other state subject to the jurisdictional requirements set forth in Chapter 54 (relating to uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement). In this circumstance, grandparents are required to bring an action for custody within six (6) months of the child’s removal from their home. The grandparent can request legal custody or physical custody. Legal custody is the authority to make major decisions on behalf of the child, usually related to medical care, education and religious.

Legal custody is the right to make major decisions affecting the child, including medical, religious and educational decisions. Physical custody is the right to have the child in your care. There are two types of legal custody – sole and shared. Sole legal custody gives one party the right to make the major decisions concerning the child. A custody order covers visitation rights in PA, as well as physical custody of a child. If you want to file for custody, do so at a court in the county in which your child lives. You must file the correct PA child custody forms, pay the filing fee and serve the other party.