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"What kind of Asian are you?" Specific to East Asians. 21 Questions Asian People Are Sick Of Answering some of us have both academic and social skills. Groundbreaking, I know. A writing style guide published in by two professors at universities in the United States of America recommends using the term "Asian" to refer to people living in Asian countries such as "China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc." unless a given situation makes using a more specific nationality term more appropriate than using the broader term China: 1,,,

Oct 31,  · “Growing up, I went to school with all Asian people, but in junior high school and middle school, that’s when I felt like a minority. That’s when people pretty much identified me based on certain traits. People called us ‘Chinky eyes,’ and it was then that I really realized there are visual differences that define Jessica Prois. Top Ten Funniest Asian Jokes. ToptenPizza This isn't meant to be offensive to any Asian TopTenners or visitors. I would love to have my homework done, saying this as I am procrastinating doing my homework. 37 Why can't Asian people have white children? Because two wongs don't make a wight.