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Aug 10,  · Guess the Asian country that corresponds to each descriptive name. Example Pearl of the Orient Seas - Philippines. New Granada, a former name: Self-descriptive, from the earlier Spanish Viceroyalty of New Granada, named after the region of Province of Granada in Spain. Adopted in following the secession of Venezuela and Ecuador from Gran Colombia. For further etymology of "Granada", see Grenada below.

Descriptive names of Asian countries? There are no Afro Asian countries. Africa and Asia are different continents and have no countries in common. What is the descriptive name of the Asian. Descriptive Name of Each Asian Countries. Write the country of each moniker. You have five minutes. After the timer, the quiz is over. Give credits to me if you use this. Monikers means "name." The point of this is to test if you have a skill to answer the moniker of each country. Goodluck and start answering.

The countries in Afro-Asia are countries on the continents of Africa and Asia. There are a list of African countries and a list of Asian countries in the links below. What Are The Former Names Of Asian Countries? How Are Asian Countries Classified Geographically? What Are Different Kinds Of Superstitious Believes In Asian Countries? How To Change The Name Of A Person In India? What Was The Name Of India's First Newspaper? Which Countries Are Members Of The European Union?

Jun 06,  · What are the descriptive names of the countries in asia? and what are the history of it. i got some.. Why did vietnam descriptive name is tiny dragon of southeast asia? 1. List/name all countries refered to as southern countries 2. what is south-south cooperation?Status: Open. This list includes Asian countries and regions that were part of the Roman Empire, there were several Roman cities whose names began with Colonia and then a more descriptive term. During the Middle Ages, these were often shortened to just Colonia. Latinized form of the Greek-derived name. Latinized form of the Asian-derived name via Greek.