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Balloon breast brachytherapy (BBB) is a technique for delivering radiation treatment in women with early-stage breast cancer. It is given after lumpectomy, or surgical removal of a small breast neoplasm, and is a shorter alternative to the more traditional method of external beam radiation . Hologic’s targeted radiation therapy is a breakthrough early-stage breast cancer treatment that can offer an alternative to whole breast radiation or a mastectomy. Balloon brachytherapy solutions directly target the lumpectomy cavity, where the cancer is most likely to recur, sparing healthy tissues and organs from the damaging effects of radiation.

Contura™ Multi-Lumen Balloon Brachytherapy. Contura delivers internally targeted radiation in only five days, compared to traditional treatment every day for six to seven weeks. This breast brachytherapy delivers radiation only to the breast tissue surrounding the lumpectomy site, rather than to the entire breast. The common form of breast brachytherapy consists of implanting a small, balloon-like catheter device into the lumpectomy cavity several days after surgery. A radiation seed is placed inside the balloon through a catheter by a computer-controlled machine twice a day for five days of treatment.

MammoSite breast brachytherapy is a type of accelerated breast radiation treatment. Sometimes called balloon catheter radiation, MammoSite treats breast cancer from within your breast in 5 days—with fewer side effects than the standard six- or seven-week course of external beam radiation. Jun 01,  · Hypothesis Partial-breast irradiation for carcinoma by a single source of radiation placed in the center of a balloon inserted in the lumpectomy cavity is an effective method of treating breast cancer. Previous interstitial radiation therapy using iridium seeds placed within multiple catheters has been shown to be effective but impractical and cosmetically unacceptable to by:

Mar 10,  · Thoracic wall brachytherapy is performed with a moulded cast or standard interstitial catheters for breast cancer recurrences after mastectomy and previous irradiation to the thoracic wall. Limited recurrences can also be treated by interstitial implantation, definitively or Cited by: 6. The MammoSite system places a special tube with a balloon on one end in the breast where the cancer was. The tube comes out of the skin through a small hole. The tube and balloon are placed either during lumpectomy or afterward in a surgeon's office.