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From the start and throughout the race the stroke cycle must be one arm stroke and one leg kick in that order. All movements of the arms shall be simultaneous and on the same horizontal plane without alternating movement. SW The hands shall be pushed forward together from the breast on, under, or over the water. The elbows shall be under. The legs are the powerhouse of breaststroke and the complete leg kick should be a simultaneous and flowing action, resulting in a powerful boost that provides propulsion to the overall stroke. Video demonstration of Breaststroke Kick.

Aug 03,  · There’s a bit of overlap between the arm stroke cycle and the leg kicking cycle. The recovery of the legs starts at the end of the arms’ insweep (when the hands move toward each other, below the chest). The kick (propulsive phase of the legs) Author: Christophe Keller. Aug 02,  · Learn Swimming Breaststroke gives an overview of our swimming lessons to learn the breaststroke. The following steps are proposed: In the beginning, the arm movements, leg movements, and breathing exercises are practiced individually on dry Christophe Keller.

Apr 16,  · Don’t worry, I won’t rant about the W-position again, but instead offer some novel breaststroke core training exercises from my new product, Swiss Ball Rollout with Breast Kick. As a recreational sports activity, swimming is the second-most popular among Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It offers many physical and mental health benefits, and it's an effective exercise choice for people of all ages. The breaststroke is the oldest known stroke and is .