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Chemotherapy uses anticancer (or cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Many women with breast cancer have chemotherapy. Your healthcare team will consider the type of breast cancer you have and your personal needs to plan the drugs, doses and schedules of chemotherapy. Aug 01,  · Not all women with breast cancer will need chemo, but there are several situations in which chemo may be recommended: Sometimes it is not clear if chemotherapy will be helpful. There are tests available, such as Oncotype DX and Mammaprint, Last Revised: October 3,

Jun 20,  · early-stage invasive breast cancer to get rid of any cancer cells that may be left behind after surgery and to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back; advanced-stage breast cancer to destroy or damage the cancer cells as much as possible; In some cases, chemotherapy is given before surgery to shrink the cancer. Chemotherapy is often used a treatment for certain types of breast cancer. Learn more about how it works, what it does, specific drugs used, and common side-effects.

Chemotherapy (sometimes called chemo) uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. Some chemotherapy drugs are given on their own. But more often, several chemotherapy drugs are given together. Chemotherapy may also be given together with other drug treatments, such as biological therapy. Sep 08,  · Researchers are getting closer to identifying women who can safely skip chemotherapy as a treatment for breast cancer. Share on Pinterest Some women with Author: Ann Pietrangelo.

New research shows many women with breast cancer don’t need chemo. Here’s what this means for BC Cancer patients. Many BC immigrants are not getting screened for breast cancer; 10th Annual Ride to Conquer Cancer raises $ million for BC Cancer; Prevent cancer with the HPV vaccine; Join the Mammolanche and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer chemotherapy refers to the use of cytotoxic drugs (chemotherapy) in the treatment of breast cancer. Types. There are three major types of chemotherapy. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Neoadjuvant chemo is given before surgery to slow the growth of a fast growing cancer or to shrink the size of a larger breast cancer. Specialty: oncology.