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In many artistic portraits of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she is depicted wearing a blue mantle. Why blue? In first century Galilee, Mary’s clothing would probably not have much color. It would have been more flaxen-wool colored. Villagers may have. Jun 24,  · Why is the Blessed Virgin Mary always wearing blue? that is almost always associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary: blue. Orthodox tradition of clothing Mary in blue has a different meaningAuthor: Philip Kosloski.

When the Virgin Mary is portrayed wearing blue, it is said to be because the color is associated with nature, royalty and peace. She is sometimes portrayed wearing red or other colors, depending on the artist's impression of the Virgin Mary and the desires of the person commissioning the work or art. Why is the Virgin Mary usually portrayed wearing the color blue? Embi: It reflects calm and tranquility, and purity. Jim Wick: What a superb question,! You may be interested to know that the great English poet and Jesuit priest, Gerard Manley Hopkins, wrote a poem entitled "The Blessed Virgin Compared to The Air That We Breathe".

The color has multiple spiritual meanings, each revealing a different attribute of the Mother of God. When viewing Christian art from the past thousand years or so, there is one color that is almost always associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary: blue. Apr 04,  · It is because in Christian iconography colors carry meaning. If you examine an Orthodox icon of Christ and one of the Theotokos (Holy Virgin Mary) you will notice that the color of their garments is reversed. Christ's inner garment is the same (or.

Blue, Why Does Mary Wear. Q: Why does Mary always wear light blue? A: Well, she doesn't. "The older, classic and more representative color is dark blue," according to the Rev. Johann Roten, S.M, director of the Marian Library-International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton. Sep 22,  · In many of the beautiful Iconography, Virgin Mary is depicted wearing a dark red veil and cloak. I find Her very lovely in this dark red, often with a golden face. I think Iconography is the most beautiful art pieces depicting Christianity/ Catholicism. Red, however, is also associated with a Scarlet (meaning a provocative woman) which Mary certainly was not.