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Fuck tha Police Lyrics: Right about now, N.W.A. court is in full effect / Judge Dre presiding / In the case of N.W.A. versus the Police Department / Prosecuting attorneys are; MC Ren, Ice Cube. “Fuck Tha Police” was the first song in history to question pop music censorship and first amendment rights. The controversial lyrics against the police resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation sending a letter to Priority Records, the group’s distributor of “Straight Outta Compton” and other albums.

In , Lil Wayne's hit single "Mrs. Officer" specifically referenced "Fuck tha Police," but in a much more literal sense (i.e., having sex with the police). Also in , James Franco yelled "fuck da police" in a scene during the movie Pineapple bignightout.info: Gangsta rap, political hip hop, hardcore hip hop. Lyrics to 'Fuck tha Police' by N.W.A. Right about now NWA court is in full effect. Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren Ice Cube and Eazy muthafuckin E. Order order order. Ice Cube take the muthafuckin stand. Do .

With potential to get bad as fuck So I'mma turn it around Put in my clip, yo, and this is the sound Yeah, something like that but it all depends on the size of the gat Taking out a police, would make my day But a nigga like Ren don't give a fuck to say Fuck the police [4x] [NWA] Yeah man, what you need? [Cop] Police, open now [NWA] Aww shit. "Fuck tha Police" is a protest song by the gangsta rap group N.W.A on the album Straight Outta Compton. Despite not being a single, it ranked # on Rolling .

Arts & Entertainment; The Painful, Long, And Lasting Legacy Of “Fuck Tha Police” The new biopic Straight Outta Compton attempts to humanize a gangsta rap group that gave young black America a profanity-laden battle cry: "You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge."Author: Kelley L. Carter. Sep 09,  · Noisey released a documentary entitled The Story Of Fuck Tha Police today (September 9). Along with interviews with N.W.A members Ice Cube and Author: Justin Hunte.