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The biggest difference between a civil union and a marriage is the fact that these protections are only recognized on the state level. Civil Union vs. Marriage. Couples who are legally married enjoy many more benefits than those who are engaged in a civil union. When comparing a civil union vs. marriage, marriages have the following advantages. Civil unions and domestic partnerships exist in only a handful of places like New Jersey and Oregon. Vermont was the first state to create civil unions in to provide legal protections to gays and lesbians in relationships in that state because same-sex marriage was not an option.

Jan 08,  · Civil Union vs Marriage. Civil union is not the same thing as marriage. Civil union is a recognized union, just like that of marriage, but civil union does not enjoy the same legal rights as that of the marriage. Though civil union and marriage both refer to some kind of union, they are different in many aspects, especially the legal aspects.5/5(3). Marriage for same-sex couples became legal in , meaning that it is now an option for most couples. What Is a Civil Union? A civil union is a legal status that provides many of the same protections as marriage does to couples. However, these protections are only available at the state Alexis Watts.

A civil union is a marriage-like arrangement created in some states to allow same sex couples a way to publicly commit before same-sex marriage was legalized. Learn about civil unions vs. marriage, and more, at FindLaw's Domestic Partnerships section. Although same-sex marriages became legal in the US, there are still couples who desire to engage a civil union, as opposed to marriage. Civil unions v/s marriages, both are separate but there are three primary differences that you should know. Read on. 1. Marriages are recognized in all states, whereas civil unions are not. In fact, when.