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Arad Ansari is a homeless street slug in the Grey District A-5 colony. Work is hard to come by and he has to compete with the animal/human hybrids called DemiShou, forcing him to . Gay Ramblings, Probably. Hello, it's me. My name is Ariana. She/her and an avid lesbian. Sometimes I write fanfiction, but most of the time this blog is just an amalgamation of the things I enjoy.

Sep 06,  · Mann Ramblings commented on Mann Ramblings's story chapter in Chapter 52 And thank you for reading! The 1k limit is a good exercise for me in being concise and getting in what needs to be there each installment to keep the story moving along and guarantees me to keep writing each week. Gay Ramblings This is my Blog. I am forty-five, gay male, living in the happiest of relationships. This Blog is about me, my thoughts, my mindsets, my ramblings. I don't expect anyone to agree with me all the time, but maybe this Blog will identify me. And this Blog is also about my photographs.

Oh yeah (vintage) gay bush! NSFW blog in appreciation of vintage and nowadays hairy men and twinks, some in artsy and some in gay sex fashion. This blog is dedicated to natural and hairy, featuring beards, mustache and full bush. It is undeniable that but for the desire to be where Dorothea was, and perhaps the want of knowing what else to do, Will would not at this time have been meditating on the needs of the English people or criticising English statesmanship: he would probably have been rambling in Italy sketching plans for several dramas, trying prose and finding it too jejune, trying verse and finding it too.