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Design Ideas This dwarf Chinese Holly is probably the most widely used, particularly in warmer climates. Its dense but layered form is perfect for a natural hedge or even as an edging plant for taller flowering shrubs. Perfect for Asian-inspired gardens, at home in the woodland setting, or as a controlled source of unique texture in formal settings. Dwarf Burford Holly) Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii Compacta' or 'Nana'. Classy dwarf burfordii holly is an elegant and formal South Florida shrub that also blends in with more casual landscapes of flowering or tropical plants and ornamental grasses.

Your Dwarf Burford Holly is one of the most popular Holly varieties available. Its emerald-green new growth blends majestically with the darker green of the mature foliage—and stand-out in coloring among other common evergreen shrubs. Clusters of petite, pristine-white flowers appear in spring to later give way to small berry-like fruit. Unlike most hollies, Burford holly does not require a male for pollination to get good fruit set. Burford holly is a bud sport of the thorny-leafed Chinese holly that was found in the early s by Thomas Burford, the superintendent of Atlanta’s West View Cemetery.

Both Buford and dwarf Buford have glossy green leaves. However, the leaves of a dwarf Buford are more puckered. "How to Distinguish Between a Burford Holly & a Dwarf Burford Holly" accessed. Dec 13,  · Burford Holly: a Low Maintenance Classic. Tuesday, December 13, at AM. With over three acres of land and a full time job, I am all about low maintenance gardening. I long ago realized that shrubs give me the most impact for my efforts, and hollies are at the top of the list for ease of care. Burford holly really is a great shrub.

Dwarf Size Makes the Burford Holly More Versatile. Why Dwarf Burford Holly Shrubs?. For starters, the Dwarf Burford Holly Shrub is known for its rich evergreen foliage and classic red berries but with a twist its adaptable size that fits in nearly bignightout.info: bignightout.info Dwarf Burford holly (Ilex cornuta ‘Dwarf Burford') is a smaller cultivar of Burford holly, a popular evergreen shrub which produces fragrant white flowers in the spring and attractive red berries in the winter. While standard Burford holly can grow up to 15 feet tall, dwarf Burford reaches only about 6 feet in height.