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What does oojah-cum-spiff mean? oojah-cum-spiff is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Fine, all right. Finally all right. Get a Oojah-cum-Spiff mug for your bunkmate Helena.

Another form is oojah-cum-spiff, which came to mean that something was all right, in order, or OK. This turns up several times in the novels of P G Wodehouse, as here in Right Ho, Jeeves: “Yes, I agree with you, Aunt Dahlia, that things are not looking too oojah-cum-spiff at the moment, but be of good cheer. A Wooster is seldom baffled for. FAR TOO LOUD 8/10 “‘Don't Do Dat!’ is a killer!” LLUPA 10/10 “Loving the groove and swing on’ Oojah-Cum-Spiff’, great to hear the BSD sounds with a very different vibe. Ah, the loops in ‘Don't Do Dat!’ are sick, very cool, very fresh. One of the best tracks I've heard in a .

Oojah cum Spiff OK let's take a break from the items in my room to enjoy a little Wodehouse, shall we? Well pip pip then. (And I meant it to sting!) Lord Emsworth stepped back from the window. He had seen sufficient. The pyjamas had in some curious way set the coping-stone on his dismay, and he was now in a condition approximating to panic. out of 5 stars Oojah-cum-spiff!. December 2, Format: Paperback Verified Purchase Verified Purchase.