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Jul 14,  · So many people buy a bag of oats that have a deer on the bag and think they really got something, as it grows fast and the deer eat it. Here is why I want people to consider other options. Forage oats will yield between and tons of forage dry matter per acre when planted between august 1 and august Deer may become attracted to more than just your oats. If you have a flower, fruit or vegetable garden near the oat plot, the deer will munch on those plants as well.

Aug 24,  · what does deer like better wheat or oats. We plant a 50/50 mix of winter wheat and oats every year. We plant Labor Day weekend, and with decent rain the fields are looking pretty lush by the time October roles around. Whitetail Oats Plus (Annual) However I have used these oats in the past and the deer love them and you can count on them hammering the field almost everyday. They spend a lot of time in them and it is a great product for that hidy hole spot you want the deer to come to prior to moving out into a destination plot. Get the latest food.

This is at a time when deer are in need of nutritious food. Especially pregnant does. It also adds much needed Nitrogen back into the soil. The cereal grain mix on the other hand will be a deer attractant all fall and winter. The oats will be a deer favorite from the time they sprout right up until the first hard frost. Supplemental feeding of wild deer can improve survival and increase the population, but careless feeding can kill deer or create management problems. Do not use corn or other fermentable carbohydrates as a primary emergency deer food, deer are routinely killed this way by people trying to help.

Sep 23,  · We are trying to attract them to shoot, if we do it, but if oats work as good as corn we'll use oats because they're better for the deer. I'm trying to find out if anybody has been able to attract deer using oats. Corn is universally known as one of the best "baits" but I was hoping oats worked as good. Sep 06,  · In this video we take a look at a 3 week old 1/2 acre planting of Buck Forage Oats and how re planting a summer food plot can result in more fall forage for you're wildlife.