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Nov 06,  · Although vaginal swelling is usually tied to hormonal changes, it can also be a sign of an underlying health condition. Here are 10 symptoms to be aware of and how to Author: Kimberly Holland. Sexual intercourse can cause the area around the vaginal opening to become swollen and uncomfortable. A swollen vaginal area after intercourse could be caused by some of the conditions already mentioned in this article, like a latex or semen allergy, a vaginal infection, or a Bartholin’s cyst.

Inflamed Vagina and Causes of Vaginitis. Posted by Dr. Alison. What is Vaginitis? Inflammation of the vagina is known as vaginitis. It is one of the most common conditions that affect women of all ages. The vaginal opening is enclosed by two thin folds of tissue known as the labia minora, which are bounded by two thicker folds of tissue. In this article I will cover the three main causes of vaginal inflammation, something I have seen people get wrong all the time. There is also a lot of bogus information on the topic on other blogs. I hope this article will answer all your questions; vaginal inflammation causes, symptoms & treatment. What is vaginal inflammation [ ].

A swollen vaginal area does not just mean the vagina itself, but it can also be a swelling of the vaginal lips, labia majora or minora. Regardless of what specific area is swollen, you surely want to learn why. The causes of a swollen vaginal area are many, based on which area is affected, the appearance of the swelling and the other associated Author: Gabrielle. Mar 27,  · Vaginal swelling can occur for a range of different reasons. This article examines 14 reasons why a person may experience vaginal swelling, including, pregnancy, allergies and irritation Author: Jon Johnson.

It causes a foul-smelling, brownish-green discharge and irritation of the labia and vaginal opening. This condition is often linked with excess growth of bacteria that are typically found in the stool. These bacteria are sometimes spread from the rectum to the vaginal area . A few months ago, after my labia were extremely itchy one night, I woke up with one side of my labia swollen to about three times its normal size. I also had pain (when touched) on the skin located on the smooth vaginal skin between my labia and directly below my clit. (Direct pressure was the worst).