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Jul 02,  · Today in awkward health things you may have googled but are afraid to talk about: bumps on your labia (the part of the vulva known as the lips) and general genital region near your vagina Author: Zahra Barnes. Oct 15,  · Continued Vaginal Cyst Symptoms. Vaginal cysts usually don't cause symptoms. If you have one of these cysts, you might feel a small lump along the vaginal wall or on the lips.

Mar 14,  · If you've ever discovered a lump on your vagina and thought, panicked, have a read through this to see what it might be. “They appear like blueish lumps on the labia . Sep 12,  · Vaginal Bumps don't automatically indicate an STD or a contagious condition. In this article we will explore the causes for vaginal bumps, from the most common to the more rare. Causes for bumps on vagina Symptom: Bumps are under the skin. Have you experienced any of the following? The bumps on the vagina are under the skin.