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My sex-positive experience at a swingers resort. bignightout.info Health & Wellness Love & Sex. What it’s like to be a unicorn at a swingers resort. by Charyn Pfeuffer Jun 08, at am EDT. Swingers Dictionary ; Unicorn. Slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a "unicorn" because they are so rare. Share | Everyone else likes the bar scene but being a non drinker this does not interest her. I figured that I could occupy her evening hours and during the day I.

A common swinging term used in the community to refer to a single female interested in meeting other couples. Described as such due to the rarity of finding said females. By no means derogatory but quite the opposite, a rare treat. "We are interested in meeting other couples and single females" - The usual swinger couples interest. A couple of people (newbies) emailed me recently and asked what a unicorn is in the swinging community. I thought this would be a good time to introduce what a unicorn is and tips for the unicorn in the lifestyle. First off a unicorn is a single swinging female, yes you heard it .

Aug 19,  · Best Answer: Well, the unicorn reference could mean a lot of different things, in slang; primarily it means an object of desire who is unique. Spicy is probably a compliment, judging by the definitions of unicorn (link below) - maybe like calling a Latina "spicy" or a redhead "fiery". Swingers and Poly people use the word very often when Followers: 2. Apr 19,  · What is a Unicorn? Posted in Uncategorized tagged bi, poly, polyamorous, polyamory, sex, unicorn at am by Kathleen. A unicorn is a mythical beast with a horn 😉 It also refers to a pretty and otherwise dateable bi female who is willing to date a couple.

Dec 11,  · What does "unicorn" mean on dating website (bignightout.infors) submitted 5 months ago by unicorndatingadvice Typically, a unicorn on a dating site is a single person who is open to threesomes. When I was about 4 to 5 decades younger, men were often referred to as 5 different things: 1. Prince Charming. 2. The knight in shining armor. 3. The idiot wrapped in tin foil. 4. The Dud. 5. The Unicorn. Although there was no doubt 1 through 4 ex.