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Welcome to Top Vintage Jewelry Sites Add Your Site | Member Login. Page: [1] 2 3. Vintage jewels with lots of D&E Juliana to look at. Juliana book available here! Comments Rate this Site: 16 Vintage Jewelry by Teresa: 13 Finest in Vintage Jewelry. Beautiful upscale jewelry pieces that dates from 's, ranging from over Since jewelry, handbags, and other accessories are still a little safer to order online than clothing, we’ve rounded up 8 of the best online shops for vintage jewelry and accessories, each of which specializes in its own style and price range of vintage Maggie Burch.

Search for: Jewelry Types *Featured *New Items *Previous Bohemian & Czech Boucher Christmas Jewelry Ciner Coro Deco & Victorian Eisenberg Givenchy Hattie Vintage Treasures Incredible Vintage Costume Jewelry. You have arrived at the web site for the most incredible vintage costume jewelry culled from all over the world but especially the United States. I take personal interest in every piece offered here, and many have been in my own personal collection. Browse at your leisure and enjoy glamorous vintage jewelry that can be yours.

Jan 27,  · Online vintage shopping has long been a crap shoot: You’re usually faced with rows and rows of white, headless mannequins weighed down under size-0 sequined jackets that are probably covered in giant yellow stains. A new vintage site, La Double J, seeks to change all that. Jewelry patents are great sources of information for collectors and designers. Included listings of jewelry design patents are especially useful for collectors of vintage jewelry. Also use this site to search for more jewelry patents.

Enjoying Antique Jewelry. Vintage reproductions are popular for costume parties, and having all the family together for events makes it a great time to show off the diamond on that vintage engagement ring. Jewelry has always been a popular choice for both gift-giving and dressing up. Schoffel pieces made in Austria are marked only with a crown logo, but have the look of other pieces often found marked "Made in Austria." Value: $56 (eBay 7/06) Continue to 47 of 59 Pamela Wiggins.