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How to Knit a Thumb Hole By Ann Jones ; Updated September 15, When you knit a pair of fingerless gloves, the pattern frequently requires you to shape a thumb gusset. The gusset is the section to the right of the increases on a left-hand glove and to the left of the increases on a right-hand glove. At the top of the gusset is the thumb hole. how to fix knitted thumb/gusset holes, Mary Jane Mucklestone. how to fix knitted thumb/gusset holes, Mary Jane Mucklestone. how to fix knitted thumb/gusset holes, Mary Jane Mucklestone what a clever way to get rid of those lines! I've always felt that they were the mark of hand-knitting, and I'll probably not try this. Go ahead, tell me.

Jul 29,  · Yes, you can darn it closed but prevention is easy. Here's exactly how to prevent gusset holes when knitting socks with a flap heel. You may also want to pick up a couple extra stitches on either side and then decrease them right away. You won’t be changing the stitch count at all by doing this, but you’ll likely avoid or limit holes in that area. Work the thumb as instructed in the pattern. That’s it! Now you have a beautiful thumb gusset and a glove or mitten that fits well.

PUTTING GUSSET STITCHES ON HOLD. Once you’ve got the stitches you need, and you’ve worked the right number of rounds, then you’ll put the gusset stitches on hold. You can use one of two things to hold the stitches: an actual stitch holder (or two very short ones), or a . Nov 24,  · Finger numbness and immobility; Preventions to avoid finger infection. Finger infections is mostly caused by bacteria build up, although some of them can be caused by herpes simplex virus, which commonly cause blisters on the genitals and mouth. To prevent your finger from getting infected, some common sense should be put into account, such as.

Oct 27,  · I've been knitting about 15 years and I regularly have holes at thumb gussets, contrast color heels, and probably a lot of other places too. My mom's been knitting 45 years and she ALWAYS has holes on thumb gussets and sock heels (I think her traditional gusset heel lends itself to holes). We both sew them closed with long ends. To give the gusset a refined look, work directional increases, left-slanting on the right edge of the gusset and right-slanting on the left edge. Work the increases every two or three rounds until the gusset measures the desired width. Palm Gusset. A palm gusset is unusual in that all of the stitches for the gusset are taken from the hand stitches.