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Sep 15,  · I am good at giving oral to women but I have never enjoyed it for myself. I enjoy it because of the reaction I get and because I like making the woman happy. But it doesn't do anything for me in and of itself. I'm sorry to hear that.:frown1: Do you like . When I go down on my manfriend, I really want to, and I suck that thing like I’m on The Price is Right and I want to win the fucking convertible. You’ve got to worship the dick. That’s all I’m sayin’. Like A Different Kind Of Deep Kissing but I would like to see a similar list from guys that like to go down on women, which I.

Aug 26,  · I could do it for hours starting out with his thighs, balls licking back toward his ass and stimulating the perineum then onto the cock while my hands stimulate other areas. I like to stroke it and just watch it react, standing so majestically in front of me as I lick up and down the shaft and move my tongue and mouth over the head. 22 Women Confess Why They HATE Sucking Dick. By Lorenzo Jensen III, December 14th Comment; Flag Flagged; If I never suck another dick again, I definitely won’t miss it. There is rare occasions like once every year I do feel like doing it usually when I’m very drunk and comfortable with the guy. I find it a little silly when.

Jan 13,  · Girls, do you enjoy sucking dick? Discussion in 'Sex, You're probably good at it because you like it. Do it well and you'll get rewarded with a big load. FadedFeline Guest #12 FadedFeline, Feb 20, I could suck my boyfriends dick . Feb 17,  · Absolutely This is going to be an answer that quite a few people don’t quite understand. There is just something incredibly pleasurable about sucking cock. The first time I ever filed my mouth with a cock I noticed a few new things. The biggest th.

What Do Women Really Think About Your Penis? By Danielle Anne. Share Tweet Pin It They know what it is, what it’s for, and what to do with it. Women like you need to check yourself, and from the way you speak, just like most of the younger women today you’re clearly a whore that sucks a lot of dicks because you see so many men. That’s.